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Saturday, May 8, 2010


This is a re-post with a few changes...

A Woman at Rest
I'm not talking about a sleeping woman. I'm not talking about a confident woman. I'm not talking about an accomplished woman. I'm not talking about a calm woman. I'm not talking about a passive woman. I'm not talking about a positive woman. I"m not talking about a perfect woman.
I'm talking about a woman at rest.
She speaks truth and sees even the most difficult situations clearly.
She doesn't deny hardship or pain and allows emotions as they come.
She's not always quiet and demure but there's something in her demeanor which exudes peace.
She's not necessarily okay with who she is, but she's great with who God is and it shows.
No need to control, contrive or manage...God's got it.
No need to hang on to the past or worry about the future...God's got it.
She can live in the moment...good, bad or ugly... because God's got it.
She is a thing of beauty and a rarity.
There are many imitations in our world and churches, but few women who truly rest.
If you're privileged enough to know one, thank her today for making her world a better place.
I'm blessed and privileged to not only enjoy a woman at rest, but call her Mom. Love you, Mom.


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...


Well, this certainly explains a whole lot about you, my dear friend.

Like mother, like daughter.

Here's to two beautiful ladies!


ibukun said...

I love your mom, too! I call her Grandma B. She's great! (She also told me about your blog. I like it!)

-Ibukun Olowu