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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love Divine

Two human loves make one divine.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Love...I saw it in their eyes, their smiles and their touches. I saw it between father & daughter as they danced. I saw it as the bride & groom and their parents shared communion together. I saw it in sisters & brothers, grandparents, cousins,and friends as they interacted. The weekend was saturated with love.

Joy...In the toasts given by the best man & maid of honor, the beaming smiles of parents, grandparents, and friends, even in the tears of one of the groomsmen, joy abounded.

Peace...Despite the stress of decorating, preparing, and running errands there was peace that passed understanding.

Patience...Witnessed between the bride & groom, the bride & her mom, the groom & his mom, and the countless others involved, a spirit of patience prevailed.

Kindness...The reassuring hugs and words spoken to calm nerves resounded with kindness.

Goodness...Evident in the pure life-styles of the bride and groom and and the joy of the witnesses, goodness permeated the celebration.

Faithfulness...Listening to vows spoken in love and trust, witnessing God praised and watching three sets of grandparents dancing to honor at least 50 years of marriage a piece, faithfulness flourished.

Watching the Rockies play...Attending a High Tea...Sharing meals...Googling endangered native wildflowers...Line Dancing at the rehearsal dinner...Decorating...Golfing...Rejoicing at the ceremony...Celebrating at the reception...hiking on Sunday...

From the time we arrived on Wednesday to our departure on Monday morning, the weekend was characterized by Beauty...Truth...Grace...and lots of laughter and fun.

David & Katie,

What a privilege to be included in your beautiful celebration! May you know God's blessing, peace, and abiding love as you begin your adventure together!

love, Aunt Patty