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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hi Mom.
Once again, my week was so crazy (and I'm not that organized) that I didn't get a card or gift off to you...bad daughter, I know. It's one of the nasty things about living far away, I can't do things last minute!
So, I'm sorry my sentiments have to come via a computer screen.
I love you, Mom.
I know I don't always show it and can be reserved and reticent...but I do love you.
I love your ever present smile.
I love your quick laugh.
I love your true heart.
I love your steadfast faith.
I love the grace you extend to everyone.
I love the way you unabashedly love Dad, your daughters & sons in laws & all your grand kids.
I love your constant awe and wonder.
But most of all, I love your love for God...
I love you, Mom.
May your heart be blessed and encouraged today.
Love, Patty

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