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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Humorless (or how I blame everything on turning 40)

I have a confession to make. I'm not a virgin blogger. I had a site for several years called "The View From Here- Confessions of a middle-aged, moderately depressed person". It was funny (at least I and a few readers thought so... Brad never really thought so). Once in a while I said serious things. But mostly it was funny. It's still up, but I haven't maintained it for about 2 years. I went back and reread some stuff that I wrote and thought I really was funny...what happened??!.

I'll tell you what happened. 40. Within weeks of turning 40 I lost my ability to read anything close up; I lost part of my hearing; I lost much of my short term memory; and apparently, I lost most of my humor.

For LOTS of reasons, 40 was painful for me. To say I hated it is an understatement. I'm almost 42 and have comes to terms with some of it...but not the humor thing. Will it come back?

I have Red Hat ladies who frequent my shop, and they're not funny. There is nothing funny about old ladies meeting together so they all wear their red hats, drink coffee & spend money.

Is that my destiny? Or will I digress and be like a teenager in constant angst? What are my options? I've tried to be funny since turning 40 and it just doesn't work. Will it come back now that my heart is lighter? When I turn 50? 60?

I'm looking for answers, people. The problem is, you're all younger than me and have no idea what I'm talking about...


Jennifer Dukes Lee said...

OK, then, if you're so humorless, why am I laughing out loud as I read this?

You're a nut.

Also, I would laugh at you, I mean WITH you, if you become a Red Hat lady.

Chris Godfredsen said...

I might even have a red hat that I would give you. I might go find one, anyway. I am precisely 73 days from the big day, I think, and am looking forward to it! My problem, unlike you, is that I have never really been funny anyway.

I know...perhaps you should change the cuisine of your shop to Pakistani food like Babu Bot and then wave that finger at the Red Hat Ladies when they come in with their noses turned up!

Maybe that's a little funny...

janelle said...

Not funny? Who has taken over your blog? Unfortunately I have nothing witty to say; but fortunately (!!) I know that every time I'm with you I laugh with you (and maybe a little bit at you).

I can only hope that when we are old that we can sit together at a shop as sweet as yours and drink coffee, and HAVE money to spend, and wear a red hat - maybe a beanie of if it's too cold!

patty said...

awwww, you guys are so sweet!
Jennifer: I give you my word, I may become a lot of things, but an official Red Hatter is probably not one of them.
Chris: I'm glad you don't dread turning 40...however, you're not there yet and you still have time for your eyesight to go bad. And I LOVE the Pakistani idea...I think I'd look good in a turban, maybe it could be a red turban.
Janelle: I knew you were laughing AT me, I just knew it! No, seriously, I too hope we can sit and sip and spend money together someday :)

Carol said...

Well Patty, as one who is a bit OLDER than 40...a whole decade in fact, I have a whole new outlook at 50. Aging has its perks...I have yet to find a lot of them...but it is going great. Feel good about yourself, you have done more than the youngsters, you have seen more, you have experienced more, I am LOVING being a Grandma and I am choosing joy however it comes. Come and check me out at "Choose Joy". Carol